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Roshan Jeet

Malaysia Biggest TikTok Creator Returned at Red X Talent

December 28, 2022

Social media star Roshan Jeet who is best recognized for his comedy videos where he changes the lyrics to popular songs. He has gained over 7 million followers on his TikTok account, and is also the most followed creator in Malaysia.

Roshan joined Red X Talent in 2019, left the agency in January 2022 and rejoined in December 2022.

After signing with Red X Talent exclusively in 2019. Roshan was able to collaborate with a number of major companies, including Netflix, to promote the shows "Money Heist" and "The Witcher S2".

Roshan was selected as a Netflix Ambassador in December 2022.

About Red X Talent

Red X Talent was born in 2019 from a simple idea – helping creators to achieve their dreams.

Now as one of the fastest growing Influencer Marketing Agency. Nominated as one of the top 10 Influencer Marketing Service Companies with over 1000 creators in the network.

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